How to Detox From Drugs

Any person who has turned to drugs knows that the propensity for addiction can be extremely high. Prescription painkillers opiates benzodiazepines heroin cocaine crystal methamphetamine and crack cocaine are commonly abused drugs with extremely addictive properties. Addictive drugs can cause a person to experience a wide variety of different withdrawal symptoms which can be very uncomfortable to bear. The effects of drug withdrawal can be dangerous to withstand and the best way to handle the process is through a medical detoxification process.

When a person wishes to recover from drug addiction and beat the condition the process begins with detoxification. To detox the body from drugs a person needs to find a reputable and skilled facility in order to clean the toxins from the body which have accumulated from months or years of drug abuse. Once a person has overcome the physical portion of addiction the process of mental and emotional recovery can finally start. If the person does not detoxify the body the physical and mental urges that accompany addiction can be so overwhelming the person could relapse back into addiction rather quickly.

Finding a drug detoxification program does not have to be a difficult task a simple phone book search or consulting with a licensed medical professional or a drug rehab specialist can yield positive results. Other ways to find a qualified medical detox facility can include an internet search or asking a friend or family member who has beat substance abuse for a referral to a reputable facility. The important thing to remember is to not give up and to keep searching until the right program is found giving up is not an option for those who seek to permanently conquer drug addiction.

Some drugs like heroin or opiates can cause an addicted person to experience extremely painful withdrawal symptoms which is because of the physical dependence. These drugs change the chemistry of the brain and trick the body into believing the drug is needed in order to function normally. Because of the change withdrawal symptoms occur when the drug is discontinued and the effects can include vomiting nausea tremors hallucinations profuse sweating anxiety depression confusion mood swings and much more.

Because the side effects associated with withdrawal can be so intense and painful it can be almost impossible for a person to stop using without the benefit of professional treatment. It can be dangerous for a person to quit cold turkey so therefore the need for medical detoxification cannot be denied. The process of detoxing the body from drugs can be only way for a person to avoid the pain of withdrawing and when done properly the cravings are eliminated and the person is then ready to enter a drug rehabilitation program to begin the next phase of the healing journey.

Medical detoxification should only be done with the
benefit of medical intervention and assistance. The process will be supervised by a team of licensed medical professionals nurses an anesthesiologist and drug rehab specialists. The process can be facilitated on either an inpatient or outpatient basis depending upon the needs of the patient. An outpatient program to detox body from drugs can be a less expensive option but if the addiction is severe enough an inpatient program may be the most beneficial. Successful detox should take place in a specialized facility within a full-scale drug treatment program which provides ongoing 24-hour support supervision medical monitoring and counseling which will address the addiction and any other issues presenting.

Depending upon which drug was used the process to detox body from drugs the person will need to have medical attention and constant monitoring. In cases of a person having less severe withdrawal symptoms a medical detox program might consist mostly of providing the correct medications which will ease the process. In more severe addictions such as with heroin painkillers or other narcotics it is likely the person will receive smaller doses of a drug substitute and gradually tapered down to wean the body gradually.

In extreme cases to detox body from drugs the person might need to be placed under general sedation or anesthesia in a hospital setting. Under anesthesia a person’s body will receive medications which will block the opiate receptors which will stop the action narcotics have on the brain. The person receives pain medications intravenously and detoxification can be achieved in a period of hours. When other methods have failed this type of detoxification while a extreme can be beneficial in some cases.

Regardless of which detox method is being used it should always be done under the strictest of medical supervision and is not something a person should try to do alone. The recovery and healing process from drug addiction can be physically emotionally and mentally grueling but for those who seek to beat addiction detoxification can be the best answer. When the toxins of drugs are removed from the body the person is ready to begin the process of healing other areas of life and move forward.

Breaking the cycle of drug abuse is the only way a person can truly beat the addiction and become clean and sober. Having the benefit of detox and with counseling therapy and other services of a quality drug rehab program has been instrumental in showing people who suffer from addiction how to end drug use and resist old behavior patterns that lead to relapsing. Completing a drug treatment program and adhering to the principles learned while in treatment allows a person to embrace a lifelong commitment to sobriety and transition into society as a clean and sober individual.